Mechanical Products

These state-of-the-art products are used to rebuild worn out and protects increases life of machinery and equipment’s and can also fix leaks and corrosion’s in pipes, valve’s, tanks & pumps and more

Titanium Putty

Suitable for Repair and Reclamation of Worn-out machinery and Equipments This non Rusting Epoxy putty having outstanding Mechanical and chemical Properties, Returns the equipment back to Service just in hours. This machinable alloy steel filled Epoxy compound has resistance to chemicals, oils, gasoline and water etc.

Steel Putty / Liquid

The Steel filled Pu y is recommended for making cost Saving repairs on metal parts. It can be machined, drilled and tapped.A liquid form can be usad for casting replacement parts and for making moulds & fixtures,aIso recommended for casting in to hard to reach areas,anchoring and levelling.

Fast Set Steel Nutty

Ideal to stop oil leakages from equipment Without Shutdown(Online). This Fast set steel putty reaches to functional cure within minutes and provides adequate bond to even oily surfaces.

Aluminium Putty

Aluminium filled epoxy putty rebuilds and repairs aluminium equipment, parts and castings.

Bronze Putty

Bronze filled epoxy putty suitable for repairing bronze castings and equipments. Also bonds to brass, copper ahd alloy metals.

Pipe Shield Putty

A specially developed anti corrosive, abrasion resistant product, Ideally suitable for encapsulating the eroded pipes and equipments. Wall thickness of the pipes can be enhanced by rebuilding with this product

High Temp - Putty

This alumina based epoxy putty used for repairing and rebuilding of worn out machinery and equipments for high temperature equipments. The Maximum operating temperature is 350o c.

Under water Putty

Makes effective repairs in chronically wet surfaces, even under water. Bonds to wood, concrete, steel and some plastics. Ideal for pipes,vaIves, tanks & pumps.ExceIIant choice for fixing swimming pool tiles with out dryaining out water

Magic Steel Stick

Pre-measured convenient epoxy stick, Just cut a section knead and apply to Ieak/›ng pipes and damaged equipment to arrestleakages.

Brushable Ceramic

High gloss, brushable grade of ceramic for protecting pumps and equipments from bi-metallic corrosion, abrasion,pitting, turbulence and cavitations.The coating of brushable ciramicinhancethe efficiency of the pump and also reduces the power consumption ,this coat can also be used as an insuJatoron bus barn..

Ceramic Putty

Diamond hard,ceramic fiiled epoxy putty for repair and reclamation of pumps and – equipments subjected to wear caused due to erosion,cavitationand abrasion.

Ceramic Bead Putty

Protect pump housings, chutes, elbows, cyclones and other material handling equipmants from fine partial abrasion with ceramic bead putty . Formulation contains small carbide.grsnule beads for maximum protection against pneumatlc abrasion.

Rubber Putty

Two component system cures to tough, resilient, rubber like urethane putty for rebuiIding,repairing rubber psrts and linings.Provides outstanding resistance . . • “ ” against wesr due to impact,cavitation and abrasion caused by coarse particles. Ideal for repair of conveyor Delts. rubber rollers, damaged ruber lined tanks and butter fly valves.

Rubber Liquid

Forms rubber like coating to provide abrasion and impact resistance lining to protect ,. processingequipmentunder mostagrassive conditions against fine particles abrasion and erosion.It can be used for feeder bowts,chutes,pumps .& impIIers,aIso used for insulation .* of high tension eIectricwires.(DieIectricstrenght -14KV/mm).


A high sfrength,high viscous,muIti purpose anaerobic adhesive gel designed for thred Iocking,bearing retaining,fIange sealing applications. One convenient tube does it all eleminating extensive inventories..

Epoxy Sealant

A specially formulated Epoxy Base sealant is a ready to use repair product. The. cömpound has vëry high banding propérties to Metal, Cöncrete. Wood & PVC. Used to seal F.R.P A.C & G.I. Shaets, Wood. Stone & Sîoped Roof, Tite etc.

Emergency Repair Kit

Ideal for instant arresting of oil leakage In transformer, capacitors and reactors without draining out oil. Arrest leakage in pjpes, fuel tanks, sumps, lubricating lines. Arrests leakage from welded joints, radiator fins, turrets etc. Sealing of aged oil seals. Locking of -.. .._. . nuts and bolts.

Crusher Backing Compound

100% solids epoxy compound for backing wear plate in primary crushers,large .:. ” gyratory crushers and cone crushers under most demending conditions.Product is formulated for highest Compressive strength and impact resistance.This resilient product offers excellent impact strength to meet the toughest crushing requirements.

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