Mechanical Maintenance

We offer mechanical maintenance services to help you comply with environmental and safety regulations. Our application services increase the life of you machinery and equipment helping you increase output and decreasing downtime.

Pump Casing & Impellers
Bearing Seats & Housings
Worn out Shafts
Pipe Elbows
Off Line Leakages
Cracked Casings & Engine Blocks
Sloppy Keyways
Heat Exchanges & Plates
Stripped Threads
Motor End Covers
Strengthening of Thinned Sections
On Line & Off Line Leakage arresting
Leakages from Oil Sumps, Hydraulic Lines, Gear Boxes, Welded Joints, Pipe Lines etc.
Butterfly Valves, Gate Valves
Fan Blade, Ducting Bends
Glass lined Reactor Vessels
Multi Jet Condenser
Screw Conveyor Flights, Dust Collectors, Cyclone Separators, Chutes / Hoppers.
Conveyor Belts
Rubber Lined Tanks
Vibrating Feeder


Other Jobs as per customer requirement