Flooring Watercoating Products

Our flooring and water-coating product help refurbish outdated flooring, seals concrete surfaces and transforms your space while protecting it against harsh impacts

Floor Patch

100% solids :solvent less epâxy system which in ideally :suitabIe for repairs concrete structures and ftoors. It bonds equally well to metal, mosori or wood :surface in interior or exterior applications. This 3 component system (resin, .hardener and aggregate) can be energy mixed artd traveled to get perfect surface.

Epoxy Coving

The joints of the floor and the wall are prone to accumulation of dust and water. This leads to growth of microbial organisms/bacteria and also cleaning a problem. Hence in these areas we recommend solvent free epoxy coving as a clean room practice.

Floor Coat - EP

A two component, solvent free, pigmented, modified resin system What is applied by brush / roller on the VDF / IPS Concrete floor in one or two coats. You do not require a primer and that is an advantage with JK Floor Coat — EP. It is econornical and can de applied in thickness of 150 — 300 microns in 1 to 2 coats.

Floor Coat - PU

It is two component, solvent free, pigmerited, modified resin system which is applied by brush / roller on the VDF, IPIS Concrete floor in .one or two coats. It requires a Epoxy primer and it can be dpptied in thickness of 1OO -1ISO micror s in 1 to !2 coats.

Self Levelling - EP

This compound is an unique product developed to industrial floors from hozardous chemical attâcks. It gives glossy finish that provides aesthetic look to the shop floor. This imperrrtemble lâyer, which prevents absorption of oil and moisture, has excellent adhesion to concrete surfaces. Cleaning of this surface become simple and easy all the above properties of super floor compound

Self Levelling - PU

This coat is solvent free, self— smoothening pigmented polyurethane floor topping, which is laid at a thickness of 1mm to 3mm. it in jointless flexible, monolithic, smooth, non-porous, hygienic, chemically resistant and easy – to — clean floor topping with good impact fond characteristics and flexural strength.

A.R Tile Pointer

lt is a specially formulated industrial acid resistance tite jointing epoxy compound, ready to use in the pre weighed and packed condition. An excellent pointing material for pointing acid resistance tiles and others

Epoxy Screed [ S.L ]

A solvent free, self — leveling, epoxy based screed, which is laid at a thickness of minimum 1 mm and above. It is jointless, monolithic, smooth, non-porous, hygeneic and chemically resistant flooring. It is the most ideal and economical base screed for areas subjected to high impact high abrasion, forklift truck movement and areas subjected to chemicals and oil spillages. It has high compressive strength of 70 — 80 N / mm2

Floor Coat - Antiskid

An epoxy anti skid flooring system, specially developed to resist high abrasion, impant and to provide excellent pedestrail or rolling movements. This three pack high performance coating system resists grease, oil and gasoline as well as liquid as harsh os jet fuels and hydraulic fluids. It is recommended for antisKid coating in Chemical, Industrial pharmacecuticals, Garages, Warehouses and power stations floor area..

Floor Coat Antistatic

Provides the best solution for the problems caused by static electricity. It is a specially formulated coating material which is applied on the floor, tabletops, cupboards, etc. on which Electrostatic Discharge Sensitiue Devices (E.S.D ) are manufactured or used. All electrostatic charges are harmelessly conducted owag through the coating, thus protecting the devices.

Wall Coat - PU

water based aliphatic polyurethane coating system which is semi gloss and is ideal solution for clean room areas. It meets international environmental norms end due to water based formulations, it is user friendly. The maintenance of the coating in case of any accidental damages can be carried out without hampering the production schedule. it atso provides good antibacterial properties as well as antifungal.

Road Marker - GL

A specially developed road marking single component paint, has excellent adhesion, abrasion resistant and weather resistant. Easy applicability, a very short drying time, good coverage and a good luminescence characteristics. It is used in All type of roads, Machine shop, Workshop, Airport runways, Warehouses, parking areas, Garages ond Hospitals.

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