We provide the best services for civil contracts with well-trained application specialist who specialize in anti-corrosive epoxy treatments, structural rehabilitation, waterproofing and membrane works.

APP Membrane works
Acrylic Membrane works
SBR Membrane works
Polyester Membrane works
Epoxy Membrane works
Pressure Grouting
Live Leakage Arresting
Tile joint Works
Structural Rehabilitation
Cold Construction Joint treatment
Crack Repairs
Silicone Sealant work
Epoxy & Polyurethane Injection Grouting
Tile Grouting
Bonding of Old and new concrete works
RCC Bars Anti Corrosive Epoxy Treatment
Repair of damaged floor and concrete structures
Repair of distressed Machinery Foundations
Epoxy / Polyurethane Industrial floorings.
Road Marking
Wall Coatings
Epoxy / Polyurethane Painting
High temperature coating
Chemical / Acid resistant coating.
Epoxy lining
Live leakage arresting
All types of Painting works with Airless Spray Pumps


Other Jobs as per customer requirement.